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LATC Marine Woman dock worker siting in chair in cabin
LATC worker with partner from Amplemann posing in front of Marine equipment
Dock worker (Bosun) in full safety gear looking into directly into camera.

Our Values

What we believe

We operate based on a belief that we can only be economically successful and sustainable, if we are responsible to our communities, clients, personnel and environment.

Our Mission

We provide safe and efficient offshore solutions with expertise to ensure first-class service and sustainable impact.

Our Vision

To be the partner of choice for offshore services by delivering innovative, client-led solutions.


Why Choose Us


Advanced Technology

Fleet Strength

Cost Efficiency

Valuable Partnerships

Health & Safety Standard

Why Choose us

LATC Marine features - huge Fleet Strength.

Fleet Strength

With 5 modern vessels in our fleet, we are in top position to address our clients requests.
LATC Marine features - fantastic  Health & Safety Standards.

Health & Safety Standards

LATC Marine has developed a comprehensive Integrated Health, Safety & Environmental Management System (HSE) based on internationally recognised standards and guidelines.
LATC Marine features - High team Expertise.


Our team is made up  of industry veterans with decades of experience.
LATC Marine features - Cost efficiency with all Marine operations

Cost efficiency

Our fuel-efficient vessels assist our clients in maintaining cost-effective operations while also paying attention to the environment.


Our local and international partners are world-class, allowing us to provide high-quality service in an efficient and sustainable manner.
LATC Marine features - Advanced Marine technology

Advanced Technology

LATC Marine currently operates one of Nigeria's most modern and technologically advanced fleets in the oil and gas support services industry.

Responsible behaviour.

Strong commitments.

Large Ship - Cut out


Dependable and Trustworthy

Gbolahan ShabaGbolahan Shaba
Gbolahan Shaba
Executive Chairman
Jennifer MbaJennifer Mba
Jennifer Mba
Commercial & Business Development
Ecclesian BatsoneEcclesian Batsone
Ecclesian Batsone
Peace OlopadePeace Olopade
Peace Olopade
Femi AwedaFemi Aweda
Femi Aweda
Pankaj Kumar TalukdarPankaj Kumar Talukdar
Pankaj Kumar Talukdar
Maurice NdiomuMaurice Ndiomu
Maurice Ndiomu

Our HSE Commitments

Providing employees and other stakeholders with necessary HSE information and training

We recognize that people are our most valuable asset. Our responsibility is to ensure that all personnel directly working for us or on our behalf always have a safe place to work, which we accomplish by providing relevant training and capacity development sessions.

Identifying, evaluating, and controlling the HSE risks and impacts associated with our activities

LATC Marine is dedicated to the health and safety of all its employees. Both ashore and at sea, every employee bears personal responsibility for working safely. This policy and the procedures contained in the Safety Management System are intended to prevent injury and loss of life and protect the company and its customers' physical assets.

Managing all reported HSE issues

LATC Marine maintains systems to encourage the reporting of environmental impacts and all related activities to manage all reported HSE issues. Senior management bears the ultimate responsibility for safety and pollution prevention, and they must ensure that every LATC Marine employee is individually accountable for meeting the Company's environmental goals.

Establishing local HSE Management Systems

Our fleet management teams continue to work beyond our robust Safety Management System to ensure our quality control and quality assurance system meets global standards. And we achieve this by adhering to the CASHES /HSE policies. These are evaluated for success regularly to ensure that we meet and exceed the expected criteria.

Providing and maintaining a safe, secure, and healthy working environment

As a leading offshore service provider, we work tirelessly to ensure the safety of our operations, employees, and contractors. Our unwavering commitment to safety, backed by operational excellence, has resulted in more than five years of LTI-free operations.
Deep sea oil rig into the distance  with clear blue skies.
Dock worker (Bosun) in full safety gear looking into directly into camera.
Dock worker (Bosun) in full safety gear looking into directly into camera.
Dock worker (Bosun) in full safety gear looking into directly into camera.


We make a difference

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